As a company, Red Hall Films’ greatest aspiration has always been bringing customer’s stories to life. Whether in the form of a corporate or organizational documentary, corporate films, commercial or short production, Red Hall takes your company’s story and frames them into the perfect package, ready for consumption.

Our Story

Founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Red Hall Films was born of another company, Simply Design. In a desert city filled with films, productions and projects, Red Hall was formed out of necessity and growth. Hundreds of shoots, edits, and films later, Red Hall Films is now a full-service production company that offers every service needed to create a compelling work of visual art. From pre-production to wrap, we’re proud to have served some of the largest names in North America.

Whether flying across the country, on a balloon chase crew, knee deep in water, or asleep in the back of a truck between filming, the Red Hall Films team is the core of its success. Dedicated to their technical craft with a passion for telling stories, the Red Hall team loves what they do. Interested in joining Red Hall for either contract of full time work? Click here to apply, multiple positions now open!

Our Future

The future of Red Hall Films lies in its drive to tell stories about people, companies, and organizations. While we’re still proud and thankful to create hundreds of national-quality commercials that air on television and other media, Red Hall is also excited to continue its work creating full-length documentaries for publishing and consumption on partner outlets like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes.