The Human Touch: Making Business Personal

How many times have you heard a person complain that something wasn’t what they thought it would be? They read a description somewhere or were told about it and were disappointed when it didn’t quite measure up to expectations. It’s the same with business. A print ad, even with a static photo or two, can only hint about the organization … Read More

Great Reasons to Create a Corporate Documentary

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Branding begins with your own team. If your team members aren’t fully invested in the story your company tells, how can they confidently behave in a way that’s reflective of your business’s standards, goals, or values? Developing corporate documentaries to display during leadership seminars or to show new hires during orientation can elevate your team’s understanding of your brand mission, … Read More

Ways to Feel Camera Confident

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At Red Hall Films, we’re all about helping you tell stories in ways you might never have imagined. Whatever your story is and whether you’re looking for commercial videos, documentaries or simply video editing or production support, we’re here to make magical visual journeys a reality. If you’re thinking of featuring in your company’s production, you might be worried about … Read More

3 Common Video Marketing Mistakes

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we will say it again because it is so vitally important – making video a key part of your overall marketing strategy is a necessity. You can no longer procrastinate in doing it; in fact, you should embrace it wholeheartedly! Consider this: recent reports suggest that by 2019, 80% of all … Read More

Aspects of Video Production to Keep in Mind

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If you’re thinking about using a commercial or corporate video in the near future, consider taking the time to nail down the most vital aspects of any commercial video production. While problems can arise and complicate your project, keeping these five aspects of production in mind will help to ensure that the final product of your corporate video meets and … Read More

Add Big Screen Flair to Your Marketing

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Modern technology has yielded a wealth of creative opportunities to market your large or small business. You’re no longer confined to static ads that have to work so hard to build a connection with prospects. Time after time, statistics have proven the effectiveness of videos in getting the attention of audiences. Essentially, what you’re aiming for is to translate your … Read More

Use Corporate Documentaries to Grow Your Business

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You may question the necessity for using any type of visual multimedia marketing as part of your company’s growth strategy. After all, blogs, social media, and email marketing exist for that purpose, right? Well, while those tools are certainly a crucial part of any company’s most effective marketing strategy, implementing visual multimedia marketing has the potential to grow your business … Read More

Gain Market Attention with Video Content

With 24 hours of video content being uploaded just to YouTube every minute, it can be overwhelming to brainstorm unique, attention-grabbing ideas for online digital-marketing. Creative, out-of-the-box thinking is key to obtaining some of the daily 3 billion online video-content views, but how can your brand stand out in a saturated space? The Albuquerque Video Production team at Red Hall … Read More

Is a Documentary or Creative Work Better for Your Company?

Your company has an amazing story just waiting to be told, but how will you tell it? Video content is a great way to reach your target audience, employees, and current clients. With video content you can generate customers, raise brand awareness, and engage consumers with your products or services. A documentary is a great way to inform and entertain, … Read More

5 Tips for Leveraging Commercial Video Production Effectively

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Want to leverage video for your business, but not sure how? It’s increasingly important to deliver messages across as many mediums as possible, but producing good video and claiming a worthwhile return on investment takes care and planning. These tips will help. 1) Know your market segments Video works differently for different audiences. One audience may respond best to a … Read More