National Commercial & Spot Production


Ads are everywhere and for good reason. They are an effective tool for communicating everything from blowout sales to informing the public about the dangers of drunk driving. As the world of media continues to evolve, companies and organizations must consider how to utilize the art of video in more compelling ways. These days, are commercials ever really just about the product or the message? Big brands understand the power of using developed characters and storylines to sell a product or service. People identify more with the heartwarming story of a couple falling in love than a someone simply telling them to buy a product.

At Red Hall Films, we can help you adapt an idea into a powerful message that will compel potential and current customers to engage with your brand. From scriptwriting to filming in crisp, 4K resolution, you will have a commercial that is not only ready for national distribution, but acts as a full time salesperson telling the world about all the great things your company is up to. With Red Hall Films you can make your product or message relevant, influential, and memorable.

If you’re looking for a national commercial or spot production that exceeds high quality, give us a call.