Corporate Documentaries & Video


Companies or organizations may be known for their brand, but people want a glimpse into the working parts – the history, the sweat, and the triumphs that made a small name turn into an industry leader. There’s a reason why corporate documentaries tend to be received so well by the public; your company didn’t just appear overnight and audiences love learning how single individuals much like yourself came together and created something big.

At Red Hall Films, we’re just like those audiences. We love helping organizations tell their story just as much as we enjoy hearing about it. We’re humbled to hear your pitfalls, your progress, your history, and your future, and you can be sure that we’ll do more than just tell your story, we’ll bring it to life.

No matter what you need to take your company’s story to the screen, we’ve got it all. From on-location shooting to thoughtful post-production, Red Hall Films has the background and the tools to successfully transform a series of anecdotes into an inspiring, engaging, and innovative film.

If you’re ready to get the word out about your company, Red Hall Films is always ready to hear more.