I’m interested in having a documentary made for a company, how does that work?

  • Great question! Throughout its past, Red Hall has worked with dozens of different companies to help them share their stories and experiences with the world. Projects typically start in one of two ways:

    1. A company approaches Red Hall with an idea or
    2. Red Hall approaches a company for an existing project.

    More often than not, companies will work to help fund certain parts of a corporate documentary (see below for the difference), or they might just participate for an existing idea. Once we have an initial meeting with a company, we determine certain factors such as:

    • The idea behind the story
    • Where you want the finished project published (i.e.: Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, your website)
    • What type of budget is needed
    • The estimated time needed to plan, shoot, edit, and publish the piece
    • What/who we’re aiming to make the piece for

    From there, we make a project outline and once an agreement has been reached, we begin planning and production!

I work for the government or some affiliation of the government, would you be a good fit for my organization?

Most definitely! Red Hall Films and its parent company have worked on countless different projects associated with government organizations, branches of the military, and related institutions. Though the process is much the same, these organizations often are working for a larger purpose (increasing awareness of a branch of the military, increasing awareness of a government entity) or have a more tactical purpose (creating several videos explaining a concept or idea to the public). Red Hall Films has a team that’s well versed in Requests for Proposals and can furnish any needed vendor information to begin the project!

I, or a member of my company, was approached by Red Hall Films for a project; what’s that about?

Great! Our Projects Team is constantly working with our production team on new projects. While they range in size and scope, we contact hundreds of businesses per year to see if they’d like to participate, as well as talent agencies, equipment rental agencies, and other vendors. While participation is ALWAYS optional, we like to tell stories that are engaging, honest, and entertaining – and it seems your company fits that bill! We’re also always very transparent as to the intention of the piece, so please feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like!

So, do companies pay you to make documentaries?

A large portion of Red Hall’s team actually started in or studied journalism. This interesting background weaves into the daily life and projects here at Red Hall. We take great pride in what we do and are honest when it comes to funding sources for documentaries. We think every client we work with has an outstanding story to tell, but we want viewers to understand why we’re telling that story and why they should care. Statistically, many documentaries made by Red Hall are of “combination funding”. Initial rounds of funding which cover planning, initial shooting, and some post-production are often times funded in part by either companies or organizations (think about associations who want to tell the stories of a product’s history or background). While companies will often approach us with ideas for documentaries about them, we also have look at each project through the lens of entertainment. Consumers are smart, discerning folks who have a lot of options when it comes to entertainment, so we must shape the story, the facts, and the background into a compelling piece!

Does Red Hall understand/process film credits and the like?

Yes! One reason we love New Mexico is its love for the film industry! Operating in several states, Red Hall has years of experience helping companies and organizations understand film tax credits. While we will always involve your and our CPA, we’d love to discuss this more if you have any immediate questions! Please contact us today!

I’ve heard you also produce commercials, shorter videos, and work with smaller organizations, is that true?

We sure do! While we’re proud and passionate about our feature length work, Red Hall produces almost 20 times the commercials, shorts, and corporate videos than full length documentaries – we were born of this industry. With all these finished pieces and experience, this is one of our major cores of work and we have an entire team devoted to just that. Interested in commercials or video for either a national or smaller based company? Our budget per smaller productions starts at around $3,000, and if this is in your price range, drop us a line here or call us here!

I want to have a video short, project, or documentary made; how do I get started?

Perfect! We’re excited to hear your story! To get started, either call or fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you shortly!