The Human Touch: Making Business Personal

It’s Time You Give Your Company a Personality

How many times have you heard a person complain that something wasn’t what they thought it would be? They read a description somewhere or were told about it and were disappointed when it didn’t quite measure up to expectations.

It’s the same with business. A print ad, even with a static photo or two, can only hint about the organization or product and how it works. Businesses with a broad range of goods and services would require expensive full page ads filled with boring blocks of text that may lose the interest of a casual reader.

A well-done video production or commercial could address this problem. Video conveys multiple and complicated processes quickly because people understand concepts which are shown to them better than they grasp being told. Video can take viewers behind the scenes of a business or organization and show them how the products are created or services are performed.

Along the way, the viewer may be introduced to key members of the company staff or employees. A likable or charismatic member of the team can be included to narrate the presentation or to be the ‘face’ of the company. If the video is a commercial, this person may do something funny or utter a company phrase or slogan.

This establishes a human connection between the company and the viewer. It shows that the company is not just a name, but a place where people just like the viewer come to work. The video may hold the viewer’s attention long enough for them to decide to try the product or service.

And this doesn’t only apply to business. Organizations may choose video presentations as an interesting way to show the public who they are and what they do. The possibilities are endless!

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