Gain Market Attention with Video Content

With 24 hours of video content being uploaded just to YouTube every minute, it can be overwhelming to brainstorm unique, attention-grabbing ideas for online digital-marketing. Creative, out-of-the-box thinking is key to obtaining some of the daily 3 billion online video-content views, but how can your brand stand out in a saturated space? The Albuquerque Video Production team at Red Hall Films has the insight!

  1. Know Your Audience

It can be beneficial to familiarize your team with any trends or common approaches in video marketing among your competition. This will allow you to understand the types of content, styles of storytelling, and market saturation your audience may already be consuming. While this can help you to take cues from the competition, it can also help you to stand out from the crowd and present audiences with content they might not be seeing anywhere else!

  1. Clear Messaging

It may be tempting to cram as much content into a video as possible. However, it is more effective to choose a single, strong brand message to explore more thoroughly, rather than focusing on many different parts. This will help the audience develop a deeper, more meaningful understanding – while allowing you to highlight specific incentives and themes. It’s important to ensure your audience has a clear understanding of what message is important to you, and why it’s vital for them to be invested in it. If more content it what you seek, we can product short clips on different topics that will intrigue your audience, while still keeping the message to a minimum.

  1. Effective Content

First impressions matter! Catching the attention of your audience may be a challenge in the hyper-saturated online media market. It is vital to quickly engage audiences in order to increase the likelihood of expressing a complete message. Research suggests that 20% of consumers abandon digital video content after 10 seconds.

What exciting way can your brand catch your audience’s’ attention in those first 10 seconds? Be sure to include the most compelling information and ignore the fluff. Allow your team to be intentional in choosing what to include in the screenwriting process. If you are unsure how to capture your audience’s attention, the experts at Red Hall Films are here to help!

  1. Get Creative

Different types of storytelling appeal to different types of people. Try a little creativity in the way your messaging is presented. Have you considered on-location filming? Perhaps using well-produced video testimonials in unique places on your company’s website? There are so many creative options to choose from, and we’re here to help guide you on the right path!

  1. Call to Action

Least subtly, ask your audience directly to engage with your brand. Compelling an audience to take next steps and be an active participant in your messaging instills a sense of personal investment for your audience. Implore your audience to follow you on Facebook, take a survey following your corporate documentary, or call to learn more about your brand. A call to action is beneficial to ensure follow through and increased engagement.

Visit the Red Hall Films website today for more information, and feel free to call or live-chat with us about how to stand out from the competition today!