Add Big Screen Flair to Your Marketing

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Modern technology has yielded a wealth of creative opportunities to market your large or small business. You’re no longer confined to static ads that have to work so hard to build a connection with prospects. Time after time, statistics have proven the effectiveness of videos in getting the attention of audiences. Essentially, what you’re aiming for is to translate your brand’s core messages into visually stunning moving images that attract, engage, and inspire your target market into action.

  • Screenwriting

    First you start with an idea, and then you meld that into a professionally written script, crafted by highly-skilled writers who understand not only your vision, but your audience. The dialogue should be written to appeal to your targeted demographic and to blend in seamlessly with the accompanying scenery.

  • Location Scouting

    We know that in real estate they say that location is everything. Well, in marketing, the background location of an ad helps to evoke a powerful feeling of connection with its intended audience. Shooting your corporate commercial requires taking the time to find just the right location that will take your viewers on a journey to an immersive experience that’s all about listening intently to your messages and calls to action.

  • In-studio Filming

    It’s true that some companies prefer a more convenient and quickly-executed option. With in-studio filming, it’s also possible to create quite elaborate scenes and props, if you have a team in place that has a good eye for aesthetics. Creating imagery and mood-setting are specialized directorial and creative skills and, whether you film inside the studio or out, if you have the right team, you can undoubtedly create an eye-catching, engaging, customized video ad that will bring style and sophistication to your business’s overall marketing strategy.

  • Video Editing

    During the post-production phase is where the “big picture” comes together. This is where the so-called screen magic happens. An experienced editor comes on board who knows how to combine the best segments into a cohesive piece of marketing that far outshines any static, non-immersive ad experience.

Creating a corporate video as a marketing tool is a high-concept endeavor that requires involvement from several levels of marketing and video production experts. Once you have the right team on board – people who truly understand your company’s mission and creative vision – it should be smooth sailing towards putting together an unforgettable, beautifully packaged marketing product.

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